Meet the Vera Floral Overalls, the most beautiful overall for the most beautiful day of the year.

Imagine this: the greenest, liveliest park near you after a bout of cold weather finally turning warm and cozy. It’s the perfect day for a small summer picnic with your new best friend… your lovely little girl. The shiny Sun, a shady tree, and your lovely child in the Vera Floral Overalls. Can the day be more fulfilling?


These overalls are made from 100% cotton with a simple clean finish. They have daisy flowers printed on them and two brown buttons to fasten the dress together. Pair this lovely and chic piece with the Ally Ruffle Top for the perfect summer outfit. 


Measurement :

Size 1 - length : 56cm  width : 27cm

Size 2 - length : 58cm  width : 28cm

Size 3 - length : 61cm  width : 30cm

Vera Floral Overall

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