Imagine your little girl’s trip to the beach with you. It’s a lovely day. Imagine the perfect beach weather. The Sun is out, the beach is windy, and there aren’t too many people there. Think of the waves crashing at the shore, just reaching your toes, and making them wet.


One other couple is strolling beside the sea waves, looking at peace. Your little one is wearing the Helen Straw Hat made from 100% grass, looking pinker than ever. She looks adorable and ready to play with the sand. She sits there in the sand, dirtying her fingers. But you don’t mind it one bit. It’s beautiful to see her enjoying herself. She looks up and giggles at you. The hat shields her face from the Sun as she places a mud-ridden hand on your leg, making you feel overwhelmed at the purity of the moment. You take a mental picture and wish this moment could last forever.


The Helen Straw Hat has a frilly hem and is free size. It also has an elastic for size adjustment and is perfect for kids aged 1-6.

Helen Straw Hat