With scalloped edges that mimic flower petals, Frigg's Daisy pacifier takes the thoughtful design of their Classic pacifier and adds in a whimsical, charming design. The handle and knob will glow in the dark and solve the challenge of finding and placing your baby’s pacifier in the middle of the night.


The glow-in-the-night feature is softly bright and won’t harm your baby’s eyes and you can easily find the pacifier without turning on the lights.


Available in natural rubber (latex) nipple, and in two sizes of 0-6 months (size 1) and 6-18 months (size 2).


Sold in packs of 2


100 % free from BPA, PVC and phthalates
Each Frigg pacifier is produced with a stretch and vacuum test
Meets EN1400 + A2 test

Frigg Pacifier - Daisy Cream Night